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Ballerina Gellies
Dixie Feld
Love all my Jellies!

Ballerina is a nice shimmery pink. Its feminine but has a really nice "gotcha'"! My ring finger is Jelcie Gaia. Another great color. All Jelcie products are awesome and I cannot recommend highly enough! Easy to apply, last a long time, easy to remove!

Ballerina Gellies
Stephanie E
Beautiful shimmery pink

Lovely pink shimmer gel nails that last 2 weeks or more …. How can you go wrong !?

PSL Gellies
Christina Edwards
Amazing, as always

Third time ordering, and I'm known in my office now as the one who always has great nails.

Glaze Clear Gel Top Coat
Shirley Treutel
Love it!!

I love the way it shines and lasts!! Would recommend:)

Glow Up Gellies
Stephanie Hanson
I love Jelcie!

I truly love this company, these women and their products. My only gripe is the issue I have with the glitter wraps, Kelly has tried to troubleshoot it with me, I did exactly what she said and they still fall off almost immediately which makes me so sad! I have a few pairs that are solely glitter that I want to rock and just can’t seem to do it right.

All the solid gellies last me 2-3 weeks and my nails have truly never been healthier than the past almost 11 months since using Jelcie. Highly recommend trying.

Siren Gellies
Jill Sinnott
One of my Favorites

I have tried about 12 different styles from the company and this is one of my favs. The color shift is great. They tend to be green/pink but in the right lighting they can reach a blue shift as well. Stayed on great, about 18 days which i can get a lot in the clear based styles but seems rare for the darker colors. Will buy again.

Ocean Water Gellies
Carol Mercer
beautful blue sparkle, wish there was more

Such a beautiful and striking set. I wish the ratio of Blue to white were greater, I could do with less white. I am having trouble with the color pulling off the back of the white strips. no problems with any of the strips with blue on them. I would certainly give these another buy if this set stays on more than a few days like my last 2 sets of Jelcie.

Extra layer of protection

I was slightly skeptical about the gel builder, but decided to give it a try and see if it made a difference to my nails. And yes, it does work. The extra layer makes semi-cured gel strips last longer and resist any breakage, potential chips, etc. Apply it exactly as instructed and you're going to see results. I'll definitely repurchase and recommend

Berry Trifle Gellies
Laurel Stewart
Fell Off After 2 Days

This isn't my first semi cured gel nail rodeo. I've tried a few other competitors, and wanted to try out Jelcie. They stayed on for about 2 days, but then started to pop off. So disappointed!

Frankly Gellies
Lauren Darr

Frankly Gellies

Never got the order. Zero customer service.

I never got the order and despite reaching out to the company repeatedly they never responded. It’s been over a month. Super disappointing. :(

Product never received and no customer service provided

I’ve been contacting Jelcie for weeks and have received no order and no money back. I ordered Jelcie 5/30/23 and they have literally said nothing to my many emails inquiring about where the order went. Extremely disappointed and frustrated.

So pretty!

This is one of my favorite sets so far. I love that I can pick the side of the strip that matches my cuticle shape!

Never received order and never received response when requesting help

I would love to review the nails and I was hyped to get them but I never receive my order and I reached out multiple times over the last week and have not received any replies back. :(

Gellies Remover
Wendy Bonfield
Nice remover

I love using the remover for the actual product, always seems to work better!

Taffy Gellies
Tricia Uyeda
Nails didn't stick

My first set of Gellies didn't stick, even with extra time under the UV.
They looked great for the first few hours and they're really easy to apply, but if they don't stay on, those things don't matter.
Not going to bother trying the second set I bought.

Siren Gellies
Aubrey Vis
Broken squish light, zero response from customer service

The gels seem great, nice colors, etc… but the whole reason I tried out this brand was because I liked the idea of the squish light. So I ordered a couple sets, a light, and a replacement squish. 1) The squish light product itself seems extraordinarily cheap.
2) No matter what I do, the squish light will not turn on. I have tried the batteries in every orientation possible, I’ve twisted and turned every part that looked like it could possible do something, I’ve clicked the power button a bazillion times…. Nothing.
3) I tried the light the day I got it, found out that it was defective, and sent an email to ask for a refund or replacement. That must have been at least a week ago, probably longer, and I’ve not received a single reply from Jelsie other than this very email asking me to submit a review.
So… here you go… I’m disappointed, I’m pissed off that I’ve received no communication, and I won’t order again based on this experience. Right now I’m just crossing my fingers that these gels cure with the lamp that I have from a different (read: more reliable) (read: Ohora) brand, so that I didn’t completely waste this purchase.

Michelle Weaver

I was pretty surprised that the Squishlight wasn’t just ready to use. It needs 3 AAA batteries to work. At first I thought it was broken. It took several days to get to the store and make the purchase of the batteries but once I finally got some the light is very dim. I’m hoping that’s normal and not an issue because I haven’t been able to use it yet. I just got the batteries today and will use it and update this review accordingly. Just wish it was explicitly stated batteries needed

Caboodle x Jelcie
Contessa Zippay
Did not receive all of my product

I did not receive all of my product and I have now tried twice to reach out to them with no response. I have filed a disupte with paypal due to this and they also have not gotten a response.

Twilight Gellies
Kristy Slattery Harbison
So so

They’re ok. Only last 5-6 days

The summer purple I always wanted

A great trendy white

Route Package Protection

Jelcie Prep Pads
Dixie Feld
Great stuff with awesome price!

You cannot beat the price. Be sure to grab some in your next order!

International customs have my nails

Leaving the review as my nails never got delivered they were "return to sender" I have contacted the company twice and no one has responded, customer service is non existent