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Ohora is better & you’ll actually get your order

I’ve been a follower of Jelcie for several years. It has come to my attention that they may have abandoned the brand as they no longer update social media and they don’t reply to customer emails or comments. They also haven’t been sending out orders. Customers are having to go through their banks and credit card companies to get their money back because Jelcie is not doing ANYTHING. Oh, but their website is still up and open for ordering. What a terrible excuse for a company.
If you like these kinds of nails, check out Ohora. They’re exactly the same, and they’re still ACTIVELY IN BUSINESS

Why is Jelcie scamming people?

Jelcie has some nerve abandoning their product line but keeping the website open for ordering. They’re not sending out orders. They’re not replying to emails or customer comments on social media. Heck, they aren’t even updating their social media anymore and haven’t for OVER A YEAR. Do not order from here!

Is Jelcie still even in business?

I follow Jelcie on IG and they haven’t posted ANYTHING since 2023. There are quite a few customers claiming they’ve never gotten their orders and that Jelcie doesn’t respond to their concerns. The fact that this website is still up and running when such claims are being made is wild. GIVE PEOPLE THEIR ORDERS OR RETURN THEIR MONEY. Shut down this website too so nobody else gets SCAMMED.

0 stars. Company not sending orders.

The owners of Jelcie have abandoned this site. Their social media accounts have been silent for over a year. They are not replying to customers’ concerns. They are not shipping orders. DO NOT ORDER. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR STUFF.


The owners of this company have abandoned this brand. Their social media accounts have been silent for over a year. They are not replying to customers’ concerns. They are not shipping orders. DO NOT ORDER. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR STUFF.

DO NOT BUY! Company out of business

The owners of this company have abandoned this brand. Their social media accounts have been silent for over a year. They are not replying to customers’ concerns. They are not shipping orders. DO NOT ORDER. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR STUFF.

Very pretty but hard to work with

These are very thick for some reason, they are really hard to work with and make look nice. The edges don’t want to curve with my nail due to the thickness so they look weirdly flat no matter what I do. I’ve tried others that aren’t this thick so it may just be this particular style.

Glass Builder Gel
Christy Carey

I've never had a negative experience with jelcie. Always fantastic products with exceptional customer service which I've only needed once for a question about a product that was on backorder. 100 out of 10, I will and have recommended this product to multiple people.

Doesn’t stay on


This is a very nice color but I have had some issues with it. The first two sets I used were amazing and didn’t lift at all, however the last two (butterscotch and especially honeydew) have been lifting and causing bad nail damage. It’s sad because I LOVE how easy and odorless doing my nails is with Gellies but I am now nervous to purchase more colors and have the same experience with my nails getting caught in my hair and ripping it out every time I run my fingers through it as I’ve had with honeydew and butterscotch :( I have 2 more colors to try out and see if I have the same experience.

Didnt fit and popped off easily

Didnt fit and popped off easily

Didn't fit right

Didn't fit right

Rame Gellies

These were not great. Popped off and got stuck in my hair

Meringue Gellies
Roberta Thompson
Nails are great but customer service isn't there when I have a question

I love the Meringue Gel Nails but I had to order a different brand of gel nails in September because the Buy 3 Get 1 Free wasn't working. I tried emailing and DM on Insta. I just happened to go back to check a month later when it was time to order again and saw that it was fixed. I never once heard from anyone.

Jelcie is a dream come true!

I have to leave a review because I have spend 100’s on nail kits/gels/dips that always get tossed because a: they stink b: they take forever to fully dry and inevitably I dent them before they dry c: they DESTROY my nails. Jelcie is an answer to prayer! So easy to put on. I can go about my day without being paranoid about ruining them as they dry. And best of all no harsh chemicals destroying my nails. In fact since using these my nails have stopped peeling and are actually growing. One tip- don’t apply after putting on oily lotion. I made that mistake and the gels did not apply correctly. Make sure to prep with alcohol pads. Other than user error I love love everything about them.

Divinity Gellies
Georgina Thwaite



These look amazing in person. Like your fingers are covered in the sparkly glaze from an abalone shell. They are transparent, slightly milky with a beautiful blue sparkle. This would be my go-to shade if I could get more of them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they get re-stocked!

Color is very different in person

I was very disappointed when I opened the box. The image on the website shows a purple and gold color. In real life, these look very purple with very little gold. I almost wonder if the image on the website has a topcoat to boos the gold color… but either way, what I received did look the same as the image on the website.

Ballerina Gellies
Dixie Feld
Love all my Jellies!

Ballerina is a nice shimmery pink. Its feminine but has a really nice "gotcha'"! My ring finger is Jelcie Gaia. Another great color. All Jelcie products are awesome and I cannot recommend highly enough! Easy to apply, last a long time, easy to remove!

Ballerina Gellies
Stephanie E
Beautiful shimmery pink

Lovely pink shimmer gel nails that last 2 weeks or more …. How can you go wrong !?

PSL Gellies
Christina Edwards
Amazing, as always

Third time ordering, and I'm known in my office now as the one who always has great nails.

Glaze Clear Gel Top Coat
Shirley Treutel
Love it!!

I love the way it shines and lasts!! Would recommend:)

Glow Up Gellies
Stephanie Hanson
I love Jelcie!

I truly love this company, these women and their products. My only gripe is the issue I have with the glitter wraps, Kelly has tried to troubleshoot it with me, I did exactly what she said and they still fall off almost immediately which makes me so sad! I have a few pairs that are solely glitter that I want to rock and just can’t seem to do it right.

All the solid gellies last me 2-3 weeks and my nails have truly never been healthier than the past almost 11 months since using Jelcie. Highly recommend trying.