What Supplies Do I Need To Do My Own Gel Nails?

Doing your own nails at home sounds amazing - but getting started might feel a bit intimidating. 

We all get those ads - dip nails, polygel, traditional nail polish… the ads make them seem so easy yet when we actually look into it they seem to have a million steps and need a million different tools to go along with it. 

Yeah we get it - it can feel overwhelming. 



But actually not all at home nail manicure kits are super complicated - and depending on what type of manicure you decide you want to try , it can actually be super easy and not take a lot of time. 

For example, if you decide that uv gel nail manicures are the best fit for you and your lifestyle - semicured gel nail wraps might be the perfect option. 

In order to be able to do your own nails with semicured gel nail stickers, all you need are the cured gel nail stickers, a cuticle stick, nail file and a uv nail lamp. All of these things are traditionally offered in any starter kit. (check out our starter kit here!)

Depending on the formula of cured gel nail wrap - you might not even need a uv gel nail top coat to get started. For example, all of our Jelcie gellies (our own formula of semicured gel nail stickers) are designed to be able to be used without a top coat. 

However, if you want to be able to add additional customization to your manicure including glitter, cat eye magnet designs, or holographic flakes - top coats are an amazing way to get those cool designs without the tough learning curve. 

If you’re curious about our starter kit or new to the semicured gel nail wrap world  - check out our Jelcie Semicured Gel Nail Sticker starter kit here.