What Is The Difference Between Semi Cured Nail Gellies And Nail Polish Strips?

There are sooo many alternatives to going to the nail salon, especially after being in quarantine, many of us realized getting nail salon nails can totally be done from home. I think we can all agree that traditional nail polish is just a little too messy, and it takes forever for your nails to dry. The last thing we need is to spend an hour + on our at home manicure only for it to get ruined when we accidentally touch the polish before it dries. 

Many of us, on our quest for cute and easy to do nails have stumbled upon semi cured nail gellies and nail polish stickers. But what’s the difference? 

When you look on google, visually the difference between run of the mill nail polish strips and semi cured nail gellies might be hard to tell at first. However, just to make things way easier for you here’s the main rundown of the main differences between these two products: 

Semicured Nail Gellies Last WAY longer and really give you that just stepped out of the nail salon feel: Semicured nail gellies are designed to last just as long as gel nail manicures from the salon. Instead of having to dish out $40+ for a manicure every two weeks you can quickly give yourself a manicure for a fraction of the price.


  • Nail Polish Strips are made with real nail polish - so expect regular nail polish durability (ie 1 week MAX): Nail Polish strips you can find at your local drug store are made from real nail polish. Because of this, you can expect them to last as long as a traditional manicure would last. Even if you put on a clear top coat, you’ll still have to fix your manicure every week. If you’re someone who is looking for a manicure that lasts longer than a week this might not be the best fit. 

  • Semicured Nail Gellies are made with actual gel nail polish: Semi cured nail gellies are made with real gel nail polish. When you get the gellies in the mail, they’ll feel thicker but super flexible- which is why they’re so easy to apply. Since they’re made with real gel nail polish, they won’t chip easily even if you are rough with your nails. 

    (The right image are our gellies when cured - the left are what the gellies look like fresh out of the box)

  • Nail Polish Strips usually recommend using a clear top coat, this adds to the total manicure + drying time: If you are looking for that nail salon look, you’ll need to apply a regular nail polish clear top coat. Since they don’t sell the clear top coat in sticker form, you’ll have to buy a clear top coat. Since it’s regular nail polish you’ll have to wait for the top coat to dry in addition to the time it took to apply the nail stickers. 

    If you’re looking for versatile, unique, and long lasting manicures, semi-cured gellies might be a great option for you! Check out our starter kit    here.