What Is Indie Nail Polish?

So what is Indie Nail Polish? 
So it doesn't mean you have to listen to Vampire Weekend or Arctic Monkeys - but indie nail polish is essentially nail polish brands that are independent.

via GIPHY (Vinyl is not required to use indie nail polish brands)

Typically these brands are not part of a larger beauty brand (but sometimes they are acquired!) 
So does it matter? 
It depends. 
If you're looking to support smaller brands then looking out for indie beauty and nail brands is an awesome way to help support entrepreneurs. 
Buying from indie nail brands has a unique advantage - they usually are way closer to their customers because they want to make sure every aspect of their product and service is tailored. 
Also, indie nail brands can use new technology to be competitive in the market place. It might be a new formula, design aesthetic, packaging or cool collaborations. Which means that you can get really cool designs, experience a new application process or better formula than larger nail companies.  
We are jazzed to call ourselves an indie nail polish brand - even though we specialize in semicured gel nail stickers, we crafted a unique formulation based off of customer needs and feedback. 
Jelcie also focuses on collaborating with amazing brands like Packed Party - to create innovative and fun designs that you can't find anywhere else. 
If you have a suggested collaborations with other brands or artists be sure to comment below! 
- The Jelcie Team