What even is semi-cured gel?

What is semi-cured gel? This is a super common question when people are googling gel nail polish and other at home manicure systems online. 

Semi-cured gel is real gel nail polish that is cured at 60% - and designed to be applied like a sticker. 

The only difference between semi-cured gel nail wraps or stickers and gel nail polish is that the gel nail polish is in liquid form. There are slight differences between semi-cured gel nail wrap brand formulas which emphasize features such as flexibility, durability and thickness. 

Another difference between semi-cured gel nail sticker brands (other than the designs of course) is the adhesion they use. Some brands' adhesion is better suited for naturally oily nails and others are not. 

Other than the formulation - another main difference between liquid nail polish and semi-cured gel nail stickers is that the application process is much easier. With liquid nail polish many find the application process to be a bit messy. In addition to this - it’s harder to recreate trendy nail designs with liquid nail polish than it is with semi-cured gel nail stickers. 

For example, in 2021 the marble manicure trend was super popular - and although the instagram and pinterest nail tutorial videos are super addicting and fun to watch - it’s actually really time consuming and difficult to recreate. However, if you were to try semi-cured gel nail stickers - you can get that same design in only a matter of minutes instead of hours. For example, our melon paleta gellies set has a beautiful marble design with gold foil. If you were to try to recreate this look with liquid nail polish - it would take you hours and might not look like what you want it to look like in the first try. 

Semi-cured gel nail wraps are amazing at home manicure solutions if you want to have the flexibility to try super trendy and fun nail designs without spending too much time on your nails. 

If you’re interested in trying out semi-cured gel nails and want a super easy starter kit, check out our Jelcie Starter Kit here.