Top 3 Summer 2021 Workwear Must Haves

It’s summer! Aaaand many of us are starting to back to the office. But it’s not all bad news, in between projects and meetings - many of us will be going on a holiday to celebrate the season. We chose 3 amazing summer workwear options that are versatile enough that you can wear at work and after. 

Linen Blazer + Short Set: Linen is such a must have during the summer. Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics, which means you’ll be able to stay cool even in the hottest of weather. This Linen blazer and short set is an amazing choice if you’re looking for something that is business casual but still super cute - enough that you can still wear it after work hours. You can find the Linen blazer + short suit here.

MM Fleur T-Shirt Silk Set: This MM Fleur T-shirt Silk set is on the pricier side, buuut the quality is absolutely amazing. Their cactus green color is such a fun and bright color - which is perfect for the summer. Silk is a fabric that can help you stay cool. We are obsessed with this silk t-shirt and flowy skirt! You can find the top here and the skirt here. 

The Press On Shop Starter Kit: The last - but not least - outfit detail is your manicure. If you are looking for a long lasting manicure alternative to going to a nail salon or buying lots of gel nail polish colors and tools then The Press On Shop starter kit would be perfect for you!  The kit comes with everything you’ll need - so you don't have to make any additional purchases. You get the entire set + your choice of color gellies. All of the color options on our website are the most popular so  you’ll be able to choose which one you like best! You can find our super popular Press On Kit here.

    Just because many of us are having to go back to the office, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it’s summer. We tried to pick pieces that were versatile - so you can wear them to the office and to dinner after work with friends. We focused on choosing items that ranged in price and were summer weather friendly.