The Foolproof Way To Apply Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps

So everyone is talking about at home manicures - and even more are talking about semi-cured gel nail polish strips. But what are they and how do you use them?

Actually - semicured nail strips are not as complicated to apply as it sounds. All you’d need is your gellies set and a curing lamp. 

Semicured gel nail strips are made out of 60% real liquid gel. This means you get that beautiful glossy, professional looking manicure without the hassle and mess of liquid gel nail polish or toxic powders. Cured gel nail strips also offer customers the ability to get all types of trendy designs such as french manicures, solid colors, unique designs and premium art designs (which would cost $$$$$ at a traditional nail salon). 

The best part is that the process is almost the same as applying liquid gel nail polish - except you don’t have to worry about accidentally painting your cuticles and ending up with a messy manicure that chips. 

The application process of cured gel nail strips can be boiled down to four simple steps:

Step 1:  Prep 

The prep phase is super easy with cured  gel nail wraps - be sure to wipe your nail beds with an alcohol wipe (also known as a prep pad)  to remove any natural oils. Most gel nail polish strip formulas will not last as long if your nails have a lot of oils or a lot of moisture. It’s also recommended not to take a hot shower or do water focused activities before or right after applying your gel strips. 

Step 2: Cuticle Care + File 

This part is totally optional and depends on what style of manicure you’re looking for. However, be sure to push down your cuticles so that the semicured gel nail polish strips does not touch them. You can do it by using a cuticle pusher or using a cuticle remover cream or gel. If you’re using a cuticle remover gel be sure to allow it to sit on your cuticles for the recommended amount of time and then use your cuticle pusher to gently push down your cuticles. 

Next, cut your nails as desired and lightly file so that they’re ready for application. We recommend using a glass nail filer to gently file your nails because the grain is not as rough. However, there are a variety of different nail filers you can use. Be sure to file in one direction to get a neater result. 

Step 3: Gellies Application 

Make sure to gently wipe off your nail beds to get rid of anything on your nail beds. Some people gently wipe their nail beds off with the same alcohol wipe they used in the first step to make sure their nail beds are totally clean. 

Take your semicured gel nail wraps out of the box and choose a gel strips that fits your fingernail - then simply take off the protective plastic off and be sure to remove the semicured nail strips from the top not the cuticle line. We recommend gently applying the semicured gel nail strips from one side of your nail to the other. 

 Once it’s on your nail simply rub the edges down to make sure it’s sealed on your nail. We also found that its helpful to use your cuticle pusher to push down the edges of the gellies to your nailbed so that it is properly adhered. 

Then, use either cuticle scissors or a nail clipper to cut off the excess of the cured gel nail strips from the top so that the cured gel nail sticker covers your natural nail. 

Step 4: Cure + Top Coat 

This step is super easy - just place your nails under the curing lamp and cure for 60 seconds. A curing lamp is also known as a uv lamp or nail lamp - they are the same type of lamp that nail salons use. When your gel nail polish strips feel hard when you tap them against a surface you know they’re cured. After that, just lightly file the edges to make sure they’re uniform. 

You can either leave them as is or top it off with a ultra glossy top coat or glitter! After painting the top coat to your nail cure again for another 60 seconds or until it feels hard and then you’re done! 

Semicured nail strips are one of the easiest at home nail systems to try - and can take as little as 10 minutes to complete the whole process. 

If you’re interested in trying out semi-cured gel nails and want a super easy starter kit, check out our Jelcie Starter Kit here.