Is UV or LED Better For Gel Nails?

So you're part of the gel nail community - and you're wondering if UV or LED nail lamps are different and if so which one is best for your at home manicure? 
So most gel products will say that they require a UV nail lamp to cure the semicured gel nail sticker or polish. 
But what is this LED nail lamp talk? 



Ok so what IS a LED nail lamp? 

An LED nail lamp still emits UV waves - the difference is that LED nail lamps emit these waves in a more narrow way. That essentially means that it will cure your gel manicure faster. How much faster? If you're curing gel polish - it usually takes 2 min to cure under a UV nail lamp. With an LED nail lamp - it can take 30 seconds. If you're curing semicured gel nail stickers - it will really depend on the brand. Some will cure in 30 seconds and some will require 60-90 seconds under a UV lamp. However, one issue you'll need to keep in mind is that some brands of semicured gel nail stickers are prone to be overcured - which results in lifts and chips. 


                 💅 UV nail lamps and LED nail lamps both emit UV wavelengths. 

                💅 The main difference between UV and LED nail lamps is that LED                              lamps cure gel faster 

               💅 Be careful of using and LED lamp if your semicured gel nail stickers                         are prone to being overcured. 

So the real question is - do you even need an LED lamp? 

Honestly, if you're using semicured gel nail stickers, you probably don't need this. Cured gel stickers usually only take around 60-90 seconds depending on the brand, and another 60 seconds to cure the top coat. Unless you're using a variety of products like builder gel, top coats, designs and semicured gel nail wraps an LED lamp won't really save you that much more time. 

LED lamps are also slightly more expensive than traditional UV nail lamps. Buuuut if you are a serious gel nail lover - and you're noticing that your manicures are taking longer than you want them to. Then an LED lamp might be a good way to cut off some time and still get that amazing manicure. 


Let us know your thoughts! Will you try out an LED nail lamp? 


-The Jelcie Team