How To Avoid The Sticker Look - Semi Cured Nail Wraps


We love the convenience of stickers - but we def also hate the look of manicures that look like literal stickers. 

We’re not talking about decals - but the literal manicure sticker look. 

via GIPHY (we love decals - but not the literal sticker look)


And we know this is a huge concern when people are looking into semi cured gel nail wraps. Will it look like a literal sticker?

Thankfully, if you apply your semi cured gel nail wraps correctly they will have that beautiful dome near the cuticle and look like a professional gel manicure fresh out of the salon! 

We recommend using our trademark gelly roll technique to apply your cured gel nail stickers so that they look like a real gel manicure. Our gelly roll technique is super easy to apply - and works for almost all semi cured gel nail stickers (works better on formulations that are squishier and stretchier. 

🌟Step 1: Use An Alcohol Wipe 🌟 

Make sure to use your alcohol wipe and swipe your nails. This will get rid of any oils or grime on your nail beds. This seriously makes the application process way easier. If you notice that your natural nails are on the oily side - we recommend also using a nail dehydrator. Typically nail dehydrators are quickly swiped on. Let your nails dry before moving to the next step - and make sure to not touch your hair or face until after you’ve done all the steps!

🌟Step 2: Size The Gellies 🌟 


Choose the semiured gel nail sticker that fit your nails. Planning them out before applying makes the process way easier! Remember, our formulation is designed to be super stretchy and easy to apply. If you're choosing between two sizes of gellies - always pick the smaller one and stretch to fit your nail bed. 

🌟Step 3: Apply Your Gellies 🌟

Take a semicured gel nail sticker and gently apply it to your natural nail - then use a cuticle upsher to push the cuticle edge of the gellie towards your cuticle and then using the sharp end of your wood cuticle pusher, gently roll the cuticle ege o the gellie towards the inside of your nail. This should give you a gentle dome shape. 

🌟Step 4: Cure + Apply Top Coat 🌟

The last step is to simply cure your semicured gel nail stickers under a UV gel nail lamp for 60 seconds. If you want, apply your favorite top coat! 

Let us know if you try this technique - or have any questions!