How Long Do Nail Extensions Last?

Nail extensions might seem like the perfect solution to going from short nails to ultra long nails. However - are they practical? How long do nail extensions even last?
Traditional nail extensions are usually done with either gel or acrylic - and they can last for weeks until you need a refill. However - many people get a fill every 2 weeks.
Overtime, depending on how they are removed and refilled, your natural nails tend to get thinner and thinner until you're dependent on getting fills. When people stop getting nail extensions, they have to go through a painful period where their natural nails are tender, fragile and thin. 
Is there a way to get that amazing length without the pain and suffering? 
Yes! You can use semicured gel nail wraps to give yourself gel extensions. The main difference is that the removal process is way more gentle on your nails.
Instead of having to shave off a layer of builder gel or acrylic from your natural nail - the builder gel is cured on the semicured gel nail sticker. 
The removal process is simple - you just need to use a gel remover to take off the builder gel that is cured on the semicured gel nail sticker and then remove your semicured gel nail wrap normally (we recommend using a semicured gel nail sticker remover).
The nice thing about using semicured gel nail stickers for extensions is that you can get amazing designs that would take hours to do on your own or $$$ at a professional salon and get the length you want. 
Let us know if you want a step by step guide on how to do this!
The Jelcie Team