How Long Do Gel Nail Wraps Last?



One of the top questions people have about semicured gel nail wraps is is it actually long lasting like a salon gel nail manicure or pedicure?


And what's the difference between gel nail wraps and semicured gel nail wraps?


Gel Nail Wraps and Semicured gel nail stickers are synonymous - as long as the product requires the use of a UV nail light to cure. 

Most semicured gel nail wraps brands will claim that their product will last up to two weeks - some customers can get their manicure to last even longer


So how come some people experience more semicured gel nail sticker longevity than others?


It's super dependent on your nail chemistry - and the formulation of the gel nail wraps. HOWEVER, there are some things to keep in mind to get your semicured gel nail wraps to last longer.


  1. Are you making sure you're using alcohol wipes before your gel nail wrap manicure? Natural oils can prevent the adhesive on semicured gel stickers from actually sticking. This means that you might experience pop offs. If you haven't been doing this - definitely try this! A lot of people find that this simple trick is what allows them to keep that glossy manicure  looking fresh for longer.


2. Make sure to press the edges of your semicured gel nail wraps to your nail using the cuticle pusher when applying - Using the provided wood cuticle pusher is a great way to make sure that the edges of the gel nail wrap are securely adhered to your nail. If you skip this step sometimes the edges might lift which can allow for water to seep into your nail. This is terrible for the adhesion and not very healthy for your nail. It's super easy to just gently press the edges of the gel nail gellies to your nail during the application process. 


3. Are you overcuring or undercuring with your uv gel nail curing lamp? Yes there is such thing - a good rule of thumb is to make sure that you're curing your gel nail wraps for at least 60 seconds. However, you'll know they're done when you tap your nails on a solid surface and they feel stronger. If they still feel squishy - try curing again for 30 seconds. 


These are some tips to try and test out when applying your semicured gel nail wraps. 

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