The Gellies Difference!



Here at Jelcie, we believe anyone should be able to achieve a fresh and glossy manicure without spending $$$$ or hours on their at home manicure. Jelcie Gellies takes only 15 min to get a fresh and glossy fresh out of the nail salon manicure in the comfort of your own home. 

 So what’s so different between Jelcie Gellies and other at home manicure systems?

Here’s the TLDR: 

✨ Jelcie’s semi cured gel nail stickers are soft and stretchy which makes the application process super easy. 

✨ We have a variety of different designs from instagram worthy trendy designs to classic solid colors. 

✨ The Gellies application process gives you that beautiful dome look that makes your manicure look like a real gel manicure and does not look like a sticker

✨ Because our Jelcie Gellies are made with real gel - our customers report that their Jelcie manicure looks fresh for 2 weeks. 

✨ Our removal process doesn’t harm your nails - so with consistent use of Jelcie Gellies, you’ll be able to strengthen your natural nails.



3 Steps To Glossy Nails

Yes, it's truly that easy.

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