How Can I Make My Nail Wraps Last Longer?

Getting your gel manicure to last two weeks is every ✨ nail enthusiasts dream
And wayyy too many of us have struggled with getting our at home gel manicures to actually stay looking fresh and glossy for two full weeks. 


The mythical at home gel manicure that lasts 2 weeks doesn't actually have to be so hard to achieve. 

If you're new to the world of semicured gel nail wraps you're probably wondering how you can easily get that two week manicure without having to buy a million additional products or spending hours doing your nails. 

We've compiled some important tips on how to get your semicured gel nail stickers to stay glossy and fresh looking for up to 14 days: 

💅  Make Sure To Wipe Off The Natural Oils Off Your Nail Beds 💅 

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to use alcohol wipes. You can use one wipe for all 10 fingers, and just gently rub the wipe against your nail bed. Make sure to do this right before you apply your semicured gel nail wraps. Doing this step right before application will ensure that you wont accidentally get any additional oils on your nails. 


💅  Try Using A Nail Dehydrator💅 

You can get a nail dehydrator on amazon or any beauty supplies store. Nail dehydrators are super easy to use! They usually come in a nail polish looking bottle, and all you do is take the cap (wand) and gently brush the liquid onto your nail beds. You don't need to put a lot on, a single dip will usually cover five nails. This tip is especially helpful if you notice you have oily nail beds. Like the previous step, we recommend that you apply a quick swipe of a nail dehydrator onto your nail beds right before your semicured gel nail wrap application. This will help the adhesive stick to your nail bed and get rid of any oils or moisture that may break down the adhesive. 

💅  When Applying Top Coat Don't Overflow Your Cuticles💅 

Sometimes if you apply too much top coat, you'll see a little ridge on your cuticles. This indicates that there was too much top coat and may create early lifting or snagging. We just recommend when applying top coat - less is more. You can layer top coat very easily if you feel like you need more than one coat. Simply cure after each layer of top coat.

💅 Make Sure The Edges Of Your Semicured Gel Nail Wraps Are Properly Adhered To The Edges Of Your Nails  💅 

Use a cuticle stick or our squishy UV nail light to squish the edges of your Semicured Gel Nail Sticker To Your Nail Beds. Sometimes snags and early lifting is caused due to the fact that the semicured gel nail sticker was not properly pressed down onto the nail bed. A cuticle stick can be used to gently press down the edges when you're applying your semicured gel nail wrap. Make sure to do this step before you cure your nails! Here at Jelcie, we created the squishy UV nail light to cut down on steps - you can gently press down your semicured gel nail wrap onto your nail while curing using the squish light! This ensures that the semicured gel nail sticker is properly on your nail bed while curing. If you're curious to learn more about this new tool, check out the link here.  


Let us know how these tips and tricks work for you! We love to hear feedback from ya'll ✨


- Jelcie Team