How Can I Make My Nail Wraps Last Longer?

A flawless manicure lasting up to two weeks is the dream. 

via GIPHY (you w/your at home gel nail wrap manicure lasting 2 weeks 💖  )


And even though every nail brand out there claims their product can last up to two weeks - it might seem impossible to achieve on your own. 

I mean let's be honest - even that professional salon manicure sometimes doesn't last that long.

So how does one find the holy grail of at home manicures techniques so that your flawless manicure actually lasts two weeks? 

If you're using semicured gel nail wraps (and if you're not what are ya waiting for 🤨 ?) here are some tips that will help with your gel nail wrap manicure longevity.


1. Remember to use your alcohol wipes! 

You can buy little packets of alcohol wipes or pads - or just use a bottle and cotton pads. It's super important to swipe your nails with these little wipes to quickly get rid of any oils or dust. If you skip this step the adhesive on the semicured gel nail wraps will not work as well which results in lifts and snagging. 

2. Use your cuticle pusher (or check out our squishlight) 

We recommend using both - however, using a cuticle pusher to push gently the edges of your gel nail wrap to your nail bed will help prevent lifts and snags (ouch). Sometimes when you cure your semicured gel sticker it can shrink, which if not adhered to your nail bed well enough can cause lifts. Here at Jelcie we've created a UV squishlight which prevents lifts due to shrinking aaaand also pushed the semicured gel nail wrap to your nail bed to prevent lifts. Checkout our Jelcie squishlight here.

3. Stay away from water before and after doing your nails - or at least soaking in water for 24 hrs. 

via GIPHY (don't do this right before or after your manicure!)

Soaking your hands in water right before or after your gel nail wrap manicure could damage the adhesive and cause premature lifts and snags. We recommend waiting 24 hours before you soak your hands in water this allows for the adhesive to properly attach to your nails. 


Those are some tips and tricks that can help you keep your gel manicure for longer. If you're curious about trying out our Jelcie gellies - checkout our latest designs here