Gel Manicure Ideas For Short Nails

If you’re more of a short nail type of person - we’ve compiled a list of our favorite 3 gel manicures for you! These are perfect for the summertime and have a nice mix of classic and super unique nail designs. 

  • Clear Nails + Squeezed Nail Stickers:  These nail stickers are totally different from your traditional nail stickers from childhood. These stickers feel like gel nail polish and this pack comes with super cute designs. You can use these stickers on any color polish, but if you’re looking for something simple and make the stickers pop - we would recommend either a clear polish or a more neutral color. This sticker pack has cute hearts, orange plaid designs, and oranges. Check out our squeezed nail stickers here.


  • Marshmallow Gellies + She’s Divine stickers: Our white marshmallow gellies are an absolute customer favorite! These semi-cured gellies are perfect for the summertime, especially if you want your tan to pop. The She’s Divine stickers have this beautiful rainbow metallic sheen to them that makes a traditional white gel manicure super unique. Check out our marshmallow gellies here Also, here are our She’s Divine stickers here!


  • Dulce Gellies: If you’re looking for a more neutral look but still something unique - our Dulce gellies have a beautiful nude pink marble design with gold flakes. This is a great option if you want something classic but trendy. The beautiful marbling is in neutral pinks and beiges which makes it easy to pair with any outfit. Check out our Dulce gellies here. 

  • All of our gellies look stunning on shorter nails, but these are some fun combinations that will really make your manicure stand out. 

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