Check Out The 3 Hottest Gel Manicure Trends in 2022


Looking for new spring nail design ideas that won’t take forever to recreate? We got you. 



We’ve scoured Instagram and Pinterest to find some really beautiful and unique nail trend designs that you can easily recreate using your gellies (our Jelcie semi-cured gel nail wraps). 


✨Cat Eye✨

You can achieve the cat eye look using any of our magic top coats - which are magnetic top coats in a liquid yellow gold shade or a slightly translucent champagne shade. By using our magic magnet - you can create a variety of designs such as cat eye or galaxy designs. 


✨Opal Glass✨ 

Nails with flakes and shimmers that make them look like opal glass can be used as a complete set or as accent nails. We designed a set called Blue Lagoon - that has dark blue gellies with holographic blue and gold flakes and white solids with a translucent opal shimmer (and some even have beautiful blue butterflies!). Our Blue Lagoon set can be worn as a complete set - or specific gellies can be used as accent nails for solid manicures. 

✨Unexpected Accents 

We actually have an entire gellies set just dedicated to super unique and fun accent nail options. The Tanya is our Jelcie gellies design that is meant to add color to any solid color gel manicure. The Tanya includes accent designs that include glittery smiley faces, suns and swirls in Jelcie pink, yellow and blue. 

We love love these new nail trends - and even though these are perfect for spring, truly these nail design ideas can be worn year round. Which one will you try first?