Can I Give Myself A Gel Manicure At Home?

Yes finally - and no it won’t require you to become a hobbyist nail tech. 

Even though slick marketing might make options such as dip, polygel or even traditional liquid nail polish seemingly easy to use at home the truth is there’s a huge learning curve with any of these at home manicure kit options. 

Unless you want to end up spending hours practicing your manicure skills - these options aren’t the best for people who just want an ultra glossy manicure. 

(Ugh if only traditional nail polish was as easy as Sailor Mars makes it seem) 


Here’s where semicured gel nail wraps come in - since each sticker is made from real gel nail polish that is only 60% cured, you’ll get that uniform professional look each time you use them. This way, you can avoid clumpy or uneven manicures since you don’t have to brush the uv gel nail polish on your actual nail. 


You can also achieve trendy designs like ombre, swirls, small nail designs, and foil manicures without having to buy additional tools and spending time to practice. 

For example, if you love the marble and foil look - our melon paleta gellies have a beautiful pink and navy blue marble design with gold foil. All you have to do is swipe your natural nails with a prep pad, apply the semicured gel nail wraps and cure for 60 seconds. 

If you’re curious about our starter kit or new to the semicured gel nail wrap world  - check out our Jelcie Semicured Gel Nail Sticker starter kit here.