Best DIY Gel Nail - Magnetic Cat Eye Edition!


We’ve all seen those beautiful nail videos showcasing galactic magnetic cat eye gel nail polish. This trend has been especially popular recently and is actually not that difficult to recreate!


Essentially - the process is very simple, when you apply the magnetic nail gel polish it will at first look like a glittery top coat. However, after you apply the top coat you use a magnet to move the sparkles into a certain pattern. 

Jelcie recently released two magnetic cat eye top coats (we call them our magic topcoats) one in a beautiful shimmery gold and another in a champagne color. Our gold shade looks like molten gold - and is compatible with any brand of magnet. The champagne color is a beautiful shimmery white gold and champagne hue that is slightly more translucent. 

After applying your gellies and curing them - we recommend applying one layer of the magic topcoat on your gellies. 

You can easily recreate these designs using magnets (check out our magic magnet here):


💅  Cat eye - to get a cat eye effect use a rounded edge magnet and hover it around the edges from the bottom left or ride side of your nail. Then cure for 60 seconds. 
💅  Horizontal line - to get a glittery horizontal line with magnetic cat eye gel nail polish, all you need to do is use a rectangular magnet and hover it above your nail. Then cure for 60 seconds.
(If you're looking for a colorful green - check out this moodring green magnetic nail polish from Cirque Colors!)
💅  Gradient - Use a rectangular magnet and use the open side to hover on the left and right side of your nail. Then cure for 60 seconds.
💅  Galaxy - use two rectangular magnets and using the edge of the magnet hover one magnet to from the left slightly in and one from the right slightly inwards at the same time. Cure for 60 seconds. Then, hover one magnet from the top and bottom slightly inwards towards the center of your nail at the same time. You’ll be left with a beautiful galaxy like design. 

This magnetic cat eye gel nail design is an easy way to make any solid gellies feel intergalactic. If you want to check out our magic top coats the collection is here: