Are There Semicured Gel Nail Extensions?

Is there such a thing as semicured gel nail extensions?
And the best part - is the process is super easy. 
You can finally get that length - without the huge nail salon price tag or serious harm to your nail health. 

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So we usually associate semicured gel nail stickers as an at home manicure system that makes it super easy to give yourself a gel manicure. However - few associate semicured gel nail wraps with actual extensions. 

So how is it done?

You'll need a few things to transform your semicured gel nail wraps into beautiful nail extensions. 

                           💅 Builder Gel (check out our glass builder gel here!)

                           💅 Your favorite semicured gel nail stickers

                           💅 UV nail lamp 

                           💅 Nail forms that are in the shape you want 


💫  Step 1: Apply Your Semicured Gel Nails 💫 

DON'T CURE! Simply follow your usual prep and application process. Once your semicured gel nail wraps are on your nails (don't cut them down yet) move to step 2. 

💫  Step 2: Use Nail Forms On Top Of Your Semicured Gel Nail Stickers 💫 

So the next step is pretty simple, we recommend curing one finger at a time just to make things easier. Put the nail form on top of your nail and make sure the semicured gel nail sticker that is above your nail length is pushed into the nail form. Cut off the parts of the semicured nail sticker that is outside of the nail form. Cure for 90 seconds.

💫 Step 3: Apply Builder Gel 💫 

After you've cured for 90 seconds, take off the nail form and file the edges to make it look professional. Then apply builder gel on top and cure for another 90 seconds. After that, cure the underside of your now gel extension and cure for another 90 seconds. Make sure to wipe off any excess builder gel that might have accidentally been swiped on your skin. Cure the underside of your nail for 90 seconds. If you want your nails to feel a little thicker - apply another coat of builder gel and cure for 90 seconds. 

💫 Step 4: Apply Your Favorite Gel Top Coat 💫 

Apply your favorite gel top coat and cure for another 60-90 seconds. Ta-daa! You're done. 


Let us know how this method works for you!


-The Jelcie Team