Are There Indie Nail Polish Stores?

Is there such a thing as an indie nail polish stores?

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Possibly - but in 2022 most indie brands either have their own website or sell on a platform like Etsy or retailers. 
What is the best way to find indie brands?
There are a lot of awesome blog articles that highlight specific indie beauty and nail brands where you can discover some beautiful products and support amazing brands. 
Here are some of our favorite indie beauty brands: 
✨ Green Clean Store 
We are obsessed with this natural diamond glow highlighter. It's so beautiful and natural - but gives off a magical pearl inner glow. Not only is this highlighter made with natural ingredients - but it's organic and vegan. This brand is based in California and focuses on creating clean, beautiful, and natural makeup. 
✨ Of The Earth Beauty 
Not only is the packaging stunning - but this indie beauty brand focuses on creating eco-friendly and sustainable skincare. If you're looking for an indie beauty brand that actually works and is sustainable Of The Earth Beauty might be for you! We love how every ingredient is natural and carefully sourced.  
✨ Luminous Stone 
Luminous Stone creates natural plumping lip gloss pots that give us serious fairy queen vibes. They have a huge variety of nude-y tones - and some have seriously beautiful subtle shimmer. We love how Luminous Stone's natural plumping lip gloss focuses on keeping your lips healthy. 
What is your favorite indie beauty brand? And where do you shop for your indie beauty and nail needs? 
-The Jelcie Team