Are Nail Wraps Good For Your Nails?

If you're worried about your nail health - then making sure that any new nail technology you might want to try won't harm your nails is super important. 
A lot of our customers are either in the process of growing out their natural nails or are trying to nurture their natural nails back to health from years of getting acrylic or dip nail extensions. 
The short answer is yes - as long as you remove them properly. 
Actually, getting acrylics or gels will not harm your nails. It's actually the harsh removal process of using debilitating chemicals and harsh filing tools that overtime make natural nails thin and fragile. 
Gel nail wraps will not do that - unless you're really harsh with the removal process. Think forcefully taking them off or using no remover. 
So if semicured gel nail wraps don't harm your natural nails - can they help them become stronger faster?
That's also a yes! 
Using semicured gel nail wraps can help protect your natural nails from the normal wear and tear from day to day life. By doing this - your natural nail has time to recuperate and not easily break (ouch). 
So what is so different from the removal process that makes gel nail wraps less harmful?
It depends on the remover, but generally - most semicured gel nail sticker remover formulas focus on using natural oils and stay away from harsh chemicals that overtime prove to be harmful to your natural nails. 
Also - the process itself does not file the gel off your nail. Instead it is gently lifted off which prevents microtears in your natural nail bed. 
Here are some key points to keep in mind when removing your semicured gel nail wraps: 
                     💅  When shopping for remover - make sure it prioritizes natural                                     ingredients and does not use acetone. 
                      💅  Take your time! Removal time can range from 5 minutes to 20 ish                             minutes depending on the adhesive of the gel wrap. 
                      💅  Feeling resistance? Do NOT force the gel wrap off your nail.                                     Instead simply flood the area with more remover and let it sit for                             a few minutes. Then try to push the gel nail wrap off your nail. 
Gel nail wraps are a great alternative to dip, polygel, or even traditional gel nail polish. If you're curious to try this cutting edge nail technology - check out our starter kit here!