Are Gel Nail Wraps Better Than Polish?

Are gel wraps better than traditional liquid nail polish?
It totally depends on what type of at home manicure experience you're looking for. 
Semicured gel nail stickers are amazing for those who are:


                         ✨  Busy af and want fresh looking nails - without spending hours                                 doing nails or at a salon 

                        ✨  Wants to try nail trends without committing $$$ at a nail salon. 

                        ✨  Doesn't want to low key turn into a hobbyist nail tech to get                                     those instagram worthy nails


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Traditional Nail Polish - or even traditional gel nail polish 

Liquid nail polish has been around forever - in fact its origins have been traced from 1911. But even before then different cultures have used various natural stains to accent their natural nails. 

Liquid nail polish - or even gel nail polish promises users a super easy way to get a glossy manicure. However, we all know that it's never that easy. Often times it's messy, with long drying times only for our manicure to get chipped after the third day. Ugh. 

(There's got to be another way)


It's not all bad though - if there's super specific shade that you like then maybe traditional nail polish or even gel nail polish might be a good fit. 

However, if you're looking for something convenient, beautiful and won't break the bank then perhaps looking to semicured gel nail sticker technology might be a better fit. 

Trying a new nail technology can always feel sort of intimidating - but believe it or not the application process for semicured gel nail wraps is easier than traditional nail polish. 

To apply your semicured gel nail stickers can be boiled down to four steps. Clean your natural nails, apply the gel nail wraps to your nails, cut + file, then cure. 


Getting a glossy fresh and long lasting manicure doesn't have to be time intensive or expensive - the best part is how easy and seamless it is to incorporate your semicured gel nail wrap manicure into your routine. 


If you're interested in trying out semicured gel nail stickers - check out our starter pack here!