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free shipping for orders $45+ for US orders and $100+ for international orders. we ship within 1-3 business days of receiving your order and accept returns within 14 days.

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Replacement Dropper - Gellies Remover

Replacement Dropper - Gellies Remover

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nail friendly
cruelty free

free shipping for orders $45+ for US orders and $100+ for international orders. we ship within 1-3 business days of receiving your order and accept returns within 14 days.

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how it works


scuff your nails with a file and clean with an alcohol prep pad


match the gellies to your closest nail size and stick onto each nail


cure for 60+ seconds to harden the gel to a glossy shine - and done!

how we compare

jelcie vs. other diy nails (dip, polish, pressons)


no dry time or mess
strong formula
lasts 2-3 weeks
no nail damage
no soak-off removal


messy application
chips easily
lasts <10 days
damages nails
soak-off required

we're liquidless, damage-free gel 😮

a new way to get salon grade gel at home without the cost, dry time or salon fees. gellies are semicured strip of salon grade gel that cures into a hard glossy gel and lasts as long as your professional mani!

got q’s we got a’s

Will this damage my nails?

No, we are a non-damaging, toxic-free salon grade gel product. The unique formulation of our gellies makes for a harmless and seamless removal process. Gellies are based on a chemical bond that is easily taken off using natural oils or non-acetone remover. Simply apply a few drops of remover, and it glides right off your nail!

how are you different from other nail products?

Often times the removal process of other nail systems like dip, polygel or regular gel nail polish require you to use super harsh chemicals such as acetone or drill you nail down to remove your manicure. With gellies, we use a chemical bond instead of a physical bond for removal, and physical bonds like dip or nail polish bonds to your nails, making the removal process physically harmful to your natural nails.

Gellies are also mess-free with an easy application and removal process unlike dip or polish, requires no dry time, and lasts as long as salon gel since we're made of the same salon grade gel, but in a form of a partial cure sticker that hardens to a hard gel with UV light.

How many manicures can I get out of a gellies set?

1 pack of gellies contains 20 gellies, which on average makes for 2-4 manicures!

How long do gellies manicures last?

Our gellies are chip-free, smudge-free and highly durable since it's formulated with salon grade gel. If you prepped your nails properly and if the gellies are sticking only on your nail and not the skin or cuticle (the skin produces oil and can make your gellies pop off), then your nails should last as long as a professionally done gel manicure or 2-4 weeks.

Do you have instructions on how to use?

Yes, absolutely. Each starter pack contains an instruction manual with step-by-step instructions inside. However, if you find yourself needing help or if you have questions, please join our facebook community for the latest tips and tricks:

The founders (Kelly and Flo) read every post, and can help you troubleshoot from there!

What if I don't like my gellies?

We accept refunds or replacements for damaged, unused and/or unopened items within 14-days of purchase. If you're unhappy with your gellies manicure, simply send us an email at and we'll get it sorted for you.

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