Which Nail Wrap Is The Strongest?

So if you're new to the world of semicured gel nail wraps - you'll soon realize that there are a plethora of semicured gel nail brands. 
Which is awesome - because you have so many choices to find the perfect formulation that suits your needs the best. 
But sometimes you have an idea of what you want out of a semicured gel nail sticker manicure - but you're just not sure which brand would fit you best. 


 When looking for an at home manicure system - most people want their manicure to be long lasting, easy to apply, looks like a real gel manicure, and looks glossy like you just stepped out of a nail salon. 

Each semicured gel nail sticker brand has their own unique formulation - this means that some nail wraps are thinner and stretchier and some are thicker and not as stretchy. 

In this article we will be reviewing some popular semicured gel nail sticker brand formulations and see which ones are designed to be thicker and stronger. 

We will be focused on the following cured gel nail wrap brands: 

💅 Ohora 

💅 Zinipin / UUUUU

💅 Jelcie 

💅 Amazon Brands 


💫 Ohora 💫

Ohora is a semicured gel nail sticker brand from South Korea that specializes in nail designs that are cute and modern. Ohora's formulation changed recently to be slightly thicker but not as stretchy as their previous formula version. Lots of semicured gel nail sticker enthusiasts have said that the new formulation requires a little bit of practice. The newest formulation is thicker - so your manicure will feel strong. However, the application process might be trickier because they are not as stretchy. 

💫 Zinipin / UUUUU 💫

Zinipin is another semicured gel nail wrap brand that comes from South Korea. Zinipin is known for their artistic designs that have foils, sparkles and water color effects. Depending on where you buy a zinipin set - they can be very stretchy (if the set is old then it won't be as stretchy). Zinipin gel stickers are known to have a thicker formulation. Zinipin gel wraps are recommended to be used with their base gel polish to ensure that the manicure lasts longer. 


💫 Jelcie 💫

Jelcie is a semicured gel nail brand from the USA and is known for bright trendy designs and classic solid colors. Jelcie's cured gel nail sticker formulation is stretchy and thicker that gives you the illusion of having a real nail salon gel manicure. Because Jelcie's formulation is stretchy - this is a great semicured gel nail brand to try if you're new to the cured gel sticker world.  If you're looking for an acrylic manicure look - you can top your Jelcie manicure with our glass top coat to make your manicure look thicker without getting those pesky snags and lifts. 

💫 Amazon Brands 💫

If you look for semicured gel nail stickers on Amazon - you'll find a plethora of different brands with similar designs. Lots of people start here because it's easy to purchase and try out. Lots of amazon semicured gel nail wrap brands actually come from the same manufacturers which is why their formulation are very similar. These brands are known for their thinner formulation but are very stretchy. Without careful application - these might look more like stickers. However, you can always use builder gel on top after you cure them to make your manicure look thicker. 


In conclusion, these brands have different formulations so each brand provides a unique experience even though they are all semicured gel nail wraps. If you're looking for something that is easy to apply and looks like a traditional gel manicure that still gives your nails extra protection and strength then Jelcie would be a great brand to try out. If you want a more acrylic look then Zinipin might be another brand to try out. 


Let us know your thoughts! Or if you have any topics you'd like us to cover. 


-The Jelcie Team