What Is The Best Gel Nail Starter Kit?


Yes - it’s 2022 and we still don’t have Back To The Future hoverboards.

However, thankfully, we can finally get that ultra glossy professional looking manicure at home without spending $$$ at the nail salon. 

If you google at home manicure kits - you’ll find a plethora of options. Brands sell dip kits, polygel, regular nail polish kits, uv gel nail kits etc. However, how do you pick which one works best for you?

UV gel manicures are the most popular because they offer a longer lasting manicure (goodbye chipping nail polish!) however most find it difficult to get that professional look at home. 

Gel is easy enough in terms of steps - it’s very similar to using traditional liquid nail polish. The only difference is the curing lamp process. 

However, because of the variety of different uv gel nail formulas it can get tricky to get that professional look and many end up with manicures that just don’t look ultra glossy and neat. 

Here’s where semi cured gel nail wraps come in. Semicured gel nail stickers are made with real gel nail polish - but are delivered in a sticker format. All you have to do is simply take the sticker that fits your nail and gently place it on your nail and press. 


No more messy liquids, powders or thick gels. It’s a huge time saver and guarantees the same neat manicure look every single time. 

So here are the top three things you should look for when shopping for a semicured gel sticker at home manicure kits:


Make sure it includes a gel nail curing lamp - If you’re new to uv gel nail manicures you should look for a kit that includes the curing lamp. Most will offer a smaller portable lamp which works well if you’re just starting out. These portable nail lamps allow you to quickly pack them and they will not take a lot of room.


Look For Semicured Gel Nail Wraps That Are Flexible - if you’re new to the semicured gel nail sticker world - you should look for brands that prioritize stretchyness in their formula. This will make the application process SO much easier. Once you get the hang of applying semicured gel nail stickers then it will be easier to branch out without having to go through a learning curve. Here at Jelcie we focused on making our semicured gel nail stickers super easy to apply - and we did this by making our formula stretchy and forgiving for beginners.


Make Sure That The Semicured Gel Nail Wrap Brand Provides A Remover - Look for a brand that offers a remover for their gellies. Even if it is not included in the starter pack outright - be sure to add it to your cart to make the removal process easier. Since each brand has their unique formulation for semicured gel nail stickers, it’s best to buy the remover made for that formulation. It will make it easier to learn how to remove your semicured gel nail stickers. 

If you’re curious about our starter kit - check out our Jelcie Semicured Gel Nail Sticker starter kit here