What Is A Milky Top Coat For Nail Wraps?


One of the hottest summer trends in the nail instagram and Pinterest world is a milky top coat!

So what even is a milky top coat?

Think of those super pretty nude-y glosses that adds a layer of milky pastel goodness.

via GIPHY (in anime - this would def be a milky nail manicure)


Milky top coats can be used on top of pastel colors to make them have a more milky effect, or on top of white to soften a stark white color. 

Here are our favorite manicure ideas that use a milky gel top coat.


💅Boomer Nails  💅


One way to get the boomer nail look is to use a pale pink semi cured gel nail sticker (checkout our strawberry milk gellies here!) and layer the milky top coat! We would recommend starting off with one layer of the milky top coat first then cure. Then apply a second layer but make sure to concentrate more of the top coat towards the top of your nail. After curing a second time you can apply another layer of the milky top coat if you want it to look slightly more white. 

💅Milky White Nails 💅

A super easyway to transform a regular shmegular white manicure into something way trendier is to apply the milky white top coat. This will make the white manicure look less stark and a lot more delicate. You can apply a few layers if you want a more milkier effect. 

💅Milky Manicure with Decals 💅

We love adding a few decals to any manicure! Hearts are super cute - but you can try any decal to fully customize your aesthetic. 

💅Hailey Bieber Chrome Nails 💅 

The Hailey Bieber manicure - also known as the glazed donut manicure - is taking social media by storm! If you’re loving the look as much as we do it's actually not so difficult to recreate. We actually have an exciting product in the works to make this look even easier to achieve ;) but for now we recommend using a pale pink semi cured gel nail wrap, and then apply a few layers of the milky top coat. After curing, use a halo chrome powder and gently rub the powder using a small eyeshadow brush and top off with a clear top coat. 

Let us know which design you love best!