What Are Gel Nail Wraps?

Nail wraps, Gel Nail Wraps, Semicured Nail Wraps.... is there a difference?
If you're searching the internet for a way to easily get a long lasting at home manicure - you might have stumbled upon a bunch of different names for seemingly the same thing. 
It can get confusing - we get it. 
We wanted to break down what these different terms mean, what the differences are and who they're the perfect fit for. 
So first - let's get into what these terms mean.
Nail Wraps - usually if there's no mention of gel or semicured gel, these nail wraps or stickers are made with traditional liquid nail polish. Just like regular nail polish, you'll need to put a top coat on top if you want them to last like a regular manicure. 
Semicured Nail Wraps or Gel Nail Wraps - they are made with real gel polish. They come semicured in the box, so when you take them out they're still flexible but clearly hardened. You will also need to use a UV nail lamp to cure them properly. They are also packaged usually in a UV protective container. Check the instructions on the packaging and make sure it requires you to use a UV nail lamp. 
So who are nail wraps a good fit for?
💅 Perfect for those who only want their manicure to last a few days. These are great if you want your manicure to last for an event and then change it to something new.
💅 Those who don't like gel manicures 
What are the pros and cons of traditional nail polish nail wraps?
Perfect for people who: 
✅   You don't like gel manicures
✅   You don't really care if your manicure chips after a few days
✅   You aren't looking for a manicure that lasts at least a week 
✅   You want to try out certain trendy designs without committing to a longer lasting manicure. 
Not great if: 
🙅‍♀️  You want your manicure to stay glossy and chip free for at least 7 days 
🙅‍♀️   You already tried traditional liquid nail polish and it just didn't work out for you 
🙅‍♀️   You don't like the sticker look 
Who are semicured gel nail wraps a perfect fit for?
💅   Semicured gel nail wraps are great for people who want their manicure to look clean, fresh, and glossy for at least 7 days. 
💅   If you used to go to the nail salon and got a gel manicure 
💅   You don't want to worry about your manicure chipping after day 3 
💅   You want to try out trendy gel nail designs 
💅   You already have a UV gel nail lamp! 
What are the pros and cons of gel nail wraps?
Perfect for people who: 
✅   Usually lasts at least 7 days - if you use a top coat and apply properly your manicure can easily last up to 14 days 
✅   You don't want to do your nails more than once a week
✅   You love gel manicures 
Not great if: 
🙅‍♀️  You don't like gel or have a gel allergy 
🙅‍♀️   You prefer liquid nail polish 
🙅‍♀️   You prefer going to the nail salon 
So nail wraps, gel nail wraps and semi-cured gel nail wraps are not actually so different. The main difference is that nail wraps are made with liquid nail polish and gel nail wraps / semicured gel nail wraps are made with real liquid gel nail polish. You'll quickly know the difference when you review the product instructions - if it requires a UV gel nail lamp then it's made with real liquid gel polish. 
Let us know if this was helpful! If you have any topics you want us to discuss leave a comment below!
- The Jelcie Team