What Actually Are Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps Made Of?

Let’s face it - a manicure that can last up to two weeks is everyone’s dream- and even though almost every nail brand out there claims it, it’s pretty hard to find an at home nail system that actually lasts that long. Options might include press on nails, polish wraps, uv nail polish, dip nails etc.

Semi-cured gel nail stickers have been on the market for a while and are sometimes confused with regular nail polish wraps - but they are very very different. 

So what are their actual differences?

First, semicured nail strips are made out of 100% real gel nail polish - which means you can finally get that professional gel nail manicure at home. Each semicured gel nail polish strips brand has their own unique formulation that is designed to have specific features such as flexibility, stretchability, and thickness (or thinness). They are designed to be curing lamp or nail lamp required. The curing lamp is also known as a uv lamp or uv light. 

Semi-cured nail strips can also be altered to suit your tastes - for example if you were to purchase a set that are formulated to be stretchy and thinner out of the box you could always use builder gel to thicken the strip to get more of an acrylic nail feel. The usability benefit to this is that since the gel nail sticker is slightly thinner - it is far easier to adhere to your nail bed. 

For example, one popular brand Dashing Diva (both the glaze art studio and glaze color studio) has a formula that is known to have larger nail sizes but very little stretch. For some customers that works fine - but if for others it makes it difficult to use. 

However, some gel strips are formulated to be thicker which might make the initial learning curve of applying the cured gel nail strips slightly more challenging at first. However, once you cure them they feel just like an acrylic manicure without additional steps. 

Jelcie gellies are formulated to be flexible but still cure hard - which is a great formula to start with if you’re new to semi-cured gel nail stickers. Our formulation was designed after several iterations and inspired by the feedback we’ve received from customers. 

We strive for Jelcie gellies to be the easiest gel nail polish strips to apply on the market. If you apply out of the box without builder gel your manicure will feel like a professional gel manicure from a salon - ultra glossy. Also, Jelcie gellies have a plethora of solid color options, unique designs, premium art designs and come with all of the essentials.  If you want a thicker feel - you simply apply our Jelcie Glass Builder top coat after applying your gellies - then cure. After curing, simply apply a top coat for one final cure and you’re done!  

The main difference between cured gel stickers and nail stickers is that cured gel nail stickers are made from real gel nail polish instead of traditional liquid nail polish. Nail stickers do not require a curing lamp nor do they last as long. In fact, regular nail stickers will last only a few days. 

If you’re interested in trying out semi-cured gel nail strips and want a super easy starter kit, check out our Jelcie Starter Kit here