UV Gel Nail Wraps - Pros + Cons

Are UV Gel nail wraps a good fit for you?
There are a million and one different at home manicure sets that promise all of our nail dreams - but so many fall short. 
So what's so different about UV gel nail wraps and is it a good fit for you? 



💖  What Makes UV Gel Nail Wraps So Different? 💖

UV gel nail wraps are usually made with real gel nail polish - except it's 60% cured when you recieve it. This means you get to bypass the messy nail liquid gel nail polish and getting nail polish all over the edges of your nails. 


Because semicured gel nail stickers (or also known as UV gel nail wraps) are already semicured, it makes application wayyy easier. 

To apply uv gel nail stickers, you simply pick the sticker that fits your nails and gently press down. Then you cut the excess, and cure for 60 seconds using a uv nail lamp. 

We created this super easy chart to see the main differences between semicured gel nail wraps and other at home manicure options:

💖  DIP VS UV Gel Nail Wraps 💖

Dip nails has become super popular as an easy way to apply arcylic. However, it's really easy to damage your nails and end up with super weak and flimsy nails. The removal process for acrylics can be a little tricky for those who aren't hobby nail techs and may take a long time. Dip is usually associated with being able to easily give yourself nail extensions - but if you want trendy designs you'll have to paint those on yourself. 

💖  Nail Polish 💖 

Traditional nail polish is usually thought to be the classic and most popular way to give yourself a manicure at home. Traditional liquid nail polish is super easy to find - you can quickly buy lots of different shades in any major store. However, liquid nail polish usually takes forever to actually dry. If you're looking for a quick at home manicure option - liquid nail polish might not be for you. 


💖  Nail Polish Stickers 💖 

Nail polish stickers are often confused with semicured gel nail wraps. They visually might look similar - but nail polish stickers are made with liquid nail polish like material. They're very thin and not stretchy - so if the stickers do not fit on your nails then you're simply out of luck. Nail polish stickers is a great choice if you want a super fast manicure that only needs to last a day or two. 


Which one do you feel fits your lifestyle best? Let us know if there are specific topics you'd like to learn more about!



-The Jelcie Team