Try This Hack For The Perfect French Manicure

Who loves the look of french manicures but the thought of having to do your own french manicure gives you hella anxiety? 
Because same. 
So we've heard of the tape trick (but who wants a french manicure that just goes straight across?).. 
You could always try those little sticker guides - but it's tricky to make sure that you put the sticker guide on at the same place for each nail so the white part is uniform. 
There doesn't seem to be a good alternative to getting a french manicure - other than going to a nail salon.. until now. 
Meet our classic french semicured gel nail wrap - Meringue gellies.
We are so jazzed to release our french manicure gellies set because we finally designed a set of french manicure semicured gel nail wraps that are both easy to apply and actually look good every application. 
Designing french manicure semicured gel nail stickers is tricky because we wanted to make sure that it would be super easy to use. Some alternatives on the market make it hard to make sure that the white part of the manicure would be the same regardless of application.
Meringue has a beautiful curve, so the french manicure looks way more custom - like you just stepped out of the nail salon. 
TLDR; Here's a video on how to apply Meringue 
You can always spice up the classic french manicure by using various top coats or stickers!  Here's some inspo we found: 
 This is a super easy and beautiful way to spice up your french manicure - you can buy faux pearl accents and use our glass gel builder to keep the pearls in place. The application process is super simple - after you cure your  Meringue set swipe a layer of builder gel and place the pearls on your nail bed. Then cure again for 60 seconds.
These gold foil stars are a trendy way to elevate a classic french manicure to something new. The application process is as easy as the pearl variation - after curing your  Meringue set just place the gold foil stars and then cure. You can top it off with a layer of clear gel top coat to make it extra glossy. 
Let us know if you've tried any of these trends - or if you want to share your own variation! 
- The Jelcie Team