Spring + Summer Nails 2022

Can you believe it's already the summer of 2022?
Time def flies - but the summer is the perfect time to take some much needed rest and relaxation. It also means it's time to take that holiday you've been dreaming about! 

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Okay - so you need a fresh and trendy manicure design for your upcoming vacation. We got you 💕

Here are our 3 top summer manicure designs:

💕 Summer Brights 💕

Summer is the perfect time to sport an ultra bright solid manicure. We JUST dropped this collab with Merricure (that's right - the same Merricure that does nails for Lizzo and Lil Naz). This gellies is called Dragon Fruit - and it's this seriously stunning almost electric barbie pink. It's limited edition - so if you want to sport some serious barbie girl vibes this might be the perfect gellies summer set for you! 

💕 Pastel💕

Pastel dreams - seriously an amazing spring or summer manicure. Honestly, a good pastel manicure is stunning year round but we always love sporting pastel colors during the summer. This is a really unique variation of an ombre design - instead of having only two colors this gradient design incorporates a variety of pinks, yellows, blues and purples to create a pastel dream. This particular set, pastel skies - is inspired by the summer sunsets and even has a subtle sparkle. 

💕 Everything Chunky Glitter 💕

Chunky glitter has always given us serious disco ball vibes. What better way to celebrate the summertime but to have your manicure ultra sparkly and fun? Our glitter bomb collection comes in a variety of colors and offers that super sparkly glitter that is chunky (but doesn't make your nails look weirdly thick). Our glitter bomb gel top coat is perfect if you are looking for a super fun way to spice up any manicure. You can also wear it on top of a more neutral semicured gel nail sticker. 

Which is your favorite design?


-The Jelcie Team