Our Favorite Marble Gel Nail Wrap Designs

Marble nails are totally swoon worthy - and it's an amazing design to wear during the summer.
There's the traditional white and black marbling - but here at Jelcie we like to get creative. 
Gold foils and sparkles can make any marble inspired manicure into a really classic and trendy design. 
We want to highlight a few different marble trends and semicured gel nail options so you can get inspired. 
🍵 The Pastel Green Marble  🍵 
We love the pastel green marble - because it's such a fresh take on the traditional marble nail design. It's perfect year round - and the matcha green hue is neutral enough that it it goes with almost everything. 
We've created our own semicured gel nail wrap version - called Matche Latte.
Matcha Latte has the prettiest neutral light green (think cool cream white with a tinge of pastel green) and marbled white, light green and blue with gold foil. Matcha Latte has our new formulation - which gives you that slightly thicker semicured gel straight out of the nail salon look. Matcha Latte also has a slight dome near the cuticle to make it look more like a gel manicure - not a sticker. You can jazz your manicure with our glittery or cat eye top coats if you want something with sparkle!
✨🍓The Berry Marble  🍓
If you're looking for something still rather neutral but a more colorful variation of the marble trend- this might be the perfect marble variation for you! 
The first is our Navy Pop - a marble design with creams, peaches and navy. This particular marble design has a sparkly gold veining throughout the design. Navy pop also has some solid options - so you can use the marble cured gel stickers as accents. 
Our Melon Paleta marble variation is a full marble manicure. This semicured gel nail sticker set is one of our most popular because the design is slightly translucent making it slightly understated and really beautiful. This marble design has gold flakes to add a subtle sparkle. We've sold out of this design various times because it's just that popular. 
Our Berry Paleta is the softer sibling of our best selling Melon Paleta has beautiful light blue, cream and fuchsia marbling with silver foil. Even though this is a more neutral design - this semicured gel nail wrap set is perfect for the spring and summer months! 
Which marble design is your favorite? Comment below!
- The Jelcie Team