Ohora VS Jelcie - Semicured Gel Nail Sticker Comparison


If you’re new to the world of semi cured gel nail wraps - you’ll soon realize there are seemingly an endless number of options available. 

via GIPHY (with semicured gel nail wraps - you don't have to pay for 150 manicures to get amazing nails) 


It can get overwhelming, plus how do you know the difference between all these brands except for the designs?

There’s actually quite a difference between brands on the formulation and longevity level. Different brands also require a different application process, some like Zinnipin work better with a base coat than Ohora for example that usually doesn’t need one. 

⭐ Ohora ⭐

Ohora is a super well known semi cured gel nail brand that is based in South Korea. The Ohora semi-cured gel nail strip is made up of three layers: a strengthening base, color layer and top hat to protect your natural nails. The formulation has been changed recently so it no longer stretches like before but this depends on the temperature when applied; if you warm them up they become more pliable and easier apply! You can get any design that suits your preferences through their cute animal range such as bears or cats for example. Ohora also has some super minimalistic and modern design options. 

⭐ Jelcie ⭐

Jelcie is a US based company that creates semicured gel nail stickers. They're designed to be super easy and long lasting, making them perfect for any occasion! We have tons of different styles from trendy Instagram worthy designs to classic solid colors - there's something here just right whatever your style preference may happen too! The application process gives you beautiful domed nails without looking like an actual sticker by applying these soft stretchy tags onto correctly placed cuticles so they adhere perfectly around the entire surface area giving way better coverage. In terms of design aesthetics, we like to offer a variety of styles and collaborate with lots of different designers. We also like to base our future designs off of what our customers request. 

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⭐Main Differences ⭐

What's the difference between Ohora and Jelcie? 

The main distinction is that with Ohoras you have to be more careful when applying them because they're less stretchy. Their designs are also very different; if your nails need some extra love, go ahead and get an order from this company! On the other hand there classic look can't compare to what we offer at our store - come see for yourself today!. While both brands provide solids as well (although still working on building out even more aesthetic options), one thing worth noting about these nail stickers vs others


Which do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts below! 



-The Jelcie Team