How To Use Builder Gel With Cured Gel Strips

What is builder gel and how can it help you achieve your dream at home gel manicure? 
Builder gel is often times thought to be something that is super difficult to use.
Often times we are reminded of the builder gel in a jar that our nail technician would use at the nail salon. 
However, builder gel now comes in convenient bottles (kinda like nail polish) which makes the application process sooo much easier. 



💖 The Story Of Builder Gel 💖

Builder gel can be used a variety of ways - but often times we are reminded of our time at the nail salon when our nail tech would use builder gel to create our nail extensions. However, builder gel can be used to add volume to your manicure, make it longer lasting or extra glossy. You can absolutely use builder gel as a way to extend your manicure or put it on top of glue on extensions and then use your semicured gel nail stickers on top. 


💖 How To Use Builder Gel 💖

If you're new to the builder gel world - we'd recommend using a builder gel that comes in a bottle. It's much easier to apply and control the thickness. You can apply various layers if you want more of an acrylic look. Between each layer be sure to cure under a UV nail lamp for at least 90 seconds. Then, apply your favorite gel top coat and get that ultra glossy look. If you want to try out a super easy to use builder gel - check out our glass builder gel here.


💖 When To Use Builder Gel 💖


1. Apply your semicured gel wraps

2. Cure your semicured gel nail stickers

3. Apply your first layer of builder gel - make sure it's a thinner layer

4. Cure for 90 seconds

5. If you want your manicure to look thicker - apply another layer and cure

6. Apply your favorite gel top coat and cure

7. Congrats! You have a super glossy and long lasting gel manicure


Builder gel can be an incredible way to make sure your manicure strengthens your nails and makes your manicure last longer. It's super easy to use - and only adds an additional step to your at home manicure process. 

Will you be trying out builder gel? Let us know! 



- The Jelcie Team