How To Prep Your Nails For Semicured Gel Nail Stickers

Is giving yourself a glossy at home manicure really as easy as putting stickers on your nails?
A lot of at home manicure systems require a lengthy prep process. You need to put a million different base coats, powders, let them dry or cure... 
It can feel a bit daunting and complicated. 
Are semicured gel nail stickers any different?
Thankfully yes - the prep process for Jelcie's gellies can be as simple as swiping your natural nail beds with an alcohol wipe. 


 The process depends on if you want to include cuticle care - and if you add that to the mix the total prep process is 5 min max. 

No messy base coats. No dusty powders. 

So let's break it down. 

💃 Jelcie Gellies Nail Prep (The Whole Enchilada) 💃

This prep course is really only necessary every other time you do your nails - unless your nails grow really quickly. This process includes cuticle care and nail filing care. 

✨ Tips ✨

🛑 Try not to wash your hands or submerge your nails in water right before your manicure 

✅ Get your favorite drink ready and get comfy - this is a relaxing process. We recommend putting on your favorite movie or tv show and relax.

Step 1: Cuticle Care

This step can feel super intimidating - especially if you're not used to taking care of your own cuticles. The best way to take care of your cuticles is to make sure you keep them moisturized. If you want to get rid of any excess cuticles, we recommend using a gentle cuticle remover instead of using the cuticle scissors. It's way easier to use and you won't risk accidentally cutting too much away. The one we use is the Sally Hansen cuticle remover. You simply put it on your cuticles and let it sit for a few min - then wipe away. 

Step 2: Trip Your Nails (optional)

 Are you growing out your nails? Or are you keeping them at a certain length? No worries - this step is totally optional. In this step, you want to just focus on getting the general shape and length don't worry about making it look perfect! Once you get the general shape done then you can use your file to make them even and perfect.

Step 3: File Your Nails 



After you trim your nails (if you decided to do that) we recommend using a nail file to make sure your nails are in the correct shape and length. We always recommend using a glass file - it's way more gentle than a traditional nail file. But if you don't have one yet - the file that is included in all of our semicured gel nail wrap sets is perfect! We designed it to be more gentle on your nails and super easy to use and store.


Step 4: Alcohol Wipe

The last step is to use your alcohol wipes. Any alcohol wipe will do - however, if you're in the market for a set of alcohol wipes check out our Jelcie prep pads. We designed them to be lint free - which means you won't get any weird fibers stuck to your nail. 

You're done with the prep phase! 

Now, all you have to do is pick out your favorite Jelcie gellies set and follow the application steps. It's really as simple as sticking the semicured gel nail wrap on your nails, trim, and cure! You can always put on  your favorite top coat - but it isn't necessary. 


Let us know if this was helpful! Comment below if you want us to write about any specific topic.


-The Jelcie Team