How To Pick The Best Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips For You

So if you’ve googled semicured gel nail strips - you’ve probably been overwhelmed with the dozens of different brands to choose from. They all say the same thing too - that they last 2 weeks, are super easy to use, and won’t harm your natural nails. 

So how do you choose (other than just by the design of course) ?

That’s an excellent question! Also, a question that lots of people ask when shopping around and looking to try out cured gel nail strips. 

First, obviously there’s the design - but most brands have their own unique formulation. Some formulas will work better than others. But here are a few things to keep in mind when reading reviews and product descriptions. 

  1. How Oily Are Your Natural Nails?

Some formulas simply work better naturally than others - but the question is how would you know that without trying it for yourself? If your natural nails are slightly more oily than we recommend trying a nail dehydrator before applying your gel nail polish strips. This will ensure that it will most likely adhere to your nail a little easier and last much longer. However, be sure to just pay attention to reviews that mention this. If using a nail dehydrator doesn’t work then it might be the brand formulation, or user error. Most semi cured gel nail sets come with enough to last for two manicures - so you’ll have the opportunity to test. 


2. Do you want your manicure to feel like a traditional gel nail manicure or a thicker feel like acrylics?

Some semicured gel wraps are thicker than others - when you’re looking through product reviews be on the lookout for pictures and customer testimonials that speak to this. However, this isn’t uniquely a reason to choose one formulation over another. If you find a design or formula that you love - but want it to be slightly thicker you can always apply gel builder on top after curing your semicured gel nail stickers. Here at Jelcie, we formulated a super easy to use gel builder that doesn’t require fancy tools - and applies just like a top coat. You can check out our glass gel builder here


3. How long do you actually want your manicure to last?

Some gel strips are formulated to last 7-14 days depending on how rough you are with your nails. If you have a job that requires you to be in constant contact with water then perhaps it’s more realistic to expect your manicure to last 7-10 days. A lot of our customers want their manicure to last at least 7 days - after the 7 day mark they are ready to try a new design. 

The nice feature of semicured gel nail polish strips is that they’re super easy to customize - if you love your set and just want to refresh the top coat you can! If you want to try a new one after 7 days, the removal process is pain free. 

Our Jelcie gellies formula is designed to be super flexible and easy to apply - however it is still slightly thicker so that your manicure looks like a professional gel manicure and not a sticker.

After formula - the next way to decide which brand to try is based off of their design options - some prefer more unique designs, others more premium designs (think gold foil) and lastly the amount of solid colors you can choose from. 

If you’re interested in trying out semicured nail strips and want a super easy starter kit, check out our Jelcie Starter Kit here