How To Get The Hailey Bieber Pink Nail Look - Semi Cured Gel Wraps Edition


We are all about the donut manicure! It’s also known as the Hailey Bieber pink manicure. 

But do you need to go to a nail salon to get this flawless look?

Thankfully, the answer is no - it’s actually a super easy look to recreate. 

Essentially, if you’re using semicured gel nail stickers this manicure can be done in under 15 minutes. 

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What you’ll need:

                              🍩 A light pink semi cured gel wrap set
                              🍩 Your favorite chrome powder
                              🍩 A clear glossy top coat
                              🍩 An alcohol wipe
                              🍩 Nail clippers
                              🍩 Wooden cuticle stick
                              🍩 Nail file 

❤️ Step 1 Prep Your Nails ❤️

First, be sure to file and shape your nails. You’ll file again after curing the semicured gel nail wrap - but you want to make sure that  you have the preliminary nail shape don before that. After, use an alcohol wipe to gently wipe off any natural oils and moisture. 

❤️ Step 2: Pick A Light Pink Semicured Gel Nail Wrap Set ❤️

Pick out your favorite light pink semicured gellies (check out our strawberry milk gellies here!). Apply them on your nails and cure for 60 seconds. 

❤️ Step 3: Chrome Powder ❤️

Choose your favorite chrome powder, we recommend one with a champaign/ gold pearl sheen. You can find amazing chrome powder options on amazon. Use a disposable eyeshadow brush to rub against the semicured gel nail wrap. 

❤️ Step 4: Gloss Time ❤️

via GIPHY (Elle Woods always had the glossiest nails lbr)

Apply your favorite glossy clear gel top coat. If you’re looking to add thickness, check out our glass builder gel top coat here. 

If you don’t have chrome powder - don’t fret! We’re actually coming out with a special surprise in the upcoming months ;) 

Do you love the glazed donut manicure as much as we do? Comment below!