How Do You Remove Nail Wraps?


So you’ve had your Jelcie gellies semicured gel nail wrap manicure for a while and you want to change up the design - but how?

Thankfully the gel strips removal process is super easy. It takes only a few steps to take off your semicured gel nail polish strip set and all you’ll need is a cuticle pusher and semi-cured gel nail wrap remover. 


First, apply a generous amount of our semicured nail strips remover to your nails and focus on the edges and free edge of your nail. Allow it to sit for a few minutes. 

Then, use your cuticle pusher to gently tease the edges of your cured gel nail strips up - we recommend starting on the top sides of your nail and gently work your way down to the cuticle. 

Be extra careful to not force the cured gel stickers off - if you’re feeling resistance stop and apply more remover and wait another few minutes. After that, try teasing the semicured gel nail wraps off your nail bed. 

Each time you start lifting the gel nail polish strips off your nail be sure to apply a drop or two of remover underneath the lifted nail strips and your nail bed. Then allow it to sit for a minute. This usually allows the semi-cured gel nail sticker to gently pop off. 

You’re done! After that if you’re going to apply a new set be sure to wipe off your nails and start the prep part of the application process. 

Here are a few things to avoid when removing your semicured gel nail polish strips:


 ⭐  Biting or ripping off your cured gel nail strips - this will damage your natural nails and if done consistently over time will make your nails thinner.


⭐  Forcing your semicured gel stickers off - if you don’t use enough remover or don’t allow the remover to sit enough you will feel a lot of resistance when attempting to take them off. If you feel any type of resistance simply apply more of the remover.

That’s it! As you can see, removing your semicured gel strips is a pretty simple process that won’t damage your natural nails. Curious to check out our different semicured gel wrap designs - click here