Holo Top Coat VS Magnetic Top Coats


We love all things sparkles here at Jelcie - and we suspect you might also be a sparkle fan! 

via GIPHY ( we love holo and thankfully it doesn't have to be messy)


There’s really nothing as satisfying as having your fresh mani sparkle every time the sunlight hits it - even when you’re doing something seemingly mundane like driving around town or making a cup of coffee. 

There’s a huge variety of different top coat and nail effects that can give you that extra shine - however in this article we want to focus on two of the more trendy and popular styles. 

Holo top coats and magnetic sparkle top coats have been a staple in the 2022 manicure world for a while now - but how do you use them and how are they different?

✨ Hollo Top Coats 

Of course - there's a wide variety of hollo top coats but most are of the rainbow variety. Holo top coats are usually made with very fine glitter that gives your manicure a holographic effect. The main difference between holo glitter top coats and traditional glitter top coats is that holo glitter has a variety of different colors in a single top coat. That’s why they’re traditionally associated with rainbow glitter. The colors are super subtle and by applying various layers you can get a more pronounced effect. Check out our rainbow holo magic top coat.

✨ Magnetic Top Coat 

Magnetic sparkle top coats usually come in a single color (but there are some that are more rainbow). You do have to be careful about buying magnetic sparkle top coats because depending on the quality and color they can come out looking a bit gray. This is especially important if you want to use your magnetic sparkle top coat over pastel or lighter colors. 

The shimmer of a magnetic sparkle top coat is also very fine, which makes the design you create using a magnet a lot more pronounced! 

We’ve developed three different magnetic gel top coats that have no gray- which was something we noticed was randomly hard to find on the market without having to go through a bunch of trial and error. 

Our magic top coat polishes come in gold, champaign (slightly nude-y pink shade) and silver. 

Do you prefer holo or magnetic gel top coats?