Check Out Our Latest Halloween, Fall Gellies + Gel Fire Opal Top coats

Here at Press On Shop HQ we are so jazzed for the upcoming holiday season. To celebrate - we just dropped 9 new magical products to spice up your manicures. Some of our new gellies are perfect for the Halloween season, and others are beautiful designs and top coats that will match any fall look. 

Halloween Gellies

Kitty Boo Gellies: These gellies are glow-in-the-dark - I know right? This set is a cute twist to celebrate the spooky halloween season! The light pink with black accents of stars, moons and cats are super cute and an awesome more neutral color palette for those looking for a halloween themed mani that you can still get away wearing to the office. Check out our kitty boo gellies here. 

Pretty Boo Gellies: Looking for a glitter manicure that is still halloween themed? Look no further! Our Pretty Boo gellies have pink, purple, and clear glitter with cute pumpkins, cats, spiderwebs and ghosts. Our semi cured nail gellies are made from actual gel nail polish and come in flexible cut out pieces that you literally just stick on your nail - cure for 30 seconds, and you’re done! Check out our Pretty Boo gellies here. 

Stargazer Gellies: Love the look of the mysterious and beautiful night sky? Our Stargazer gellies are holographic, galactic and fantastic! Purple jelly colors on a milky translucent white base for a not quite negative space look. These are a beautiful subtle way to celebrate the darker hues of the fall and winter seasons. Check out our stargazer gellies here. 

Holiday Manicures 


PSL Gellies: Love Pumpkin Spiced Lattes? Or Pumpkin anything? Well -  we do too, and so we designed the PSL gellies as an ode to all tasty and aesthetic pumpkin things. The PSL design has little pumpkin decals with autumnal glitters on a crystal clear base. This is a great minimalistic manicure set. Check out our PSL gellies here

Spice Cake Gellies: If you’re looking for a more neutral fall manicure - Spice cake might just be for you. Spice cake gellies have gold glitter accents and deep caramel solids that will match with any fall tones you may have in your closet. Check out our Spice Cake gellies here


Speckle Gel Top Coat: Our speckle gel top coat can be used to add a granite or matte look to any of your manicures. If you’re curious to try out the quail egg vibe - this is an absolute must have. The speckle gel top coat has soft black speckles to add pizazz to any manicure. Check out the speckle gel top coat here.


Fire Flakies Top Coat: Fire flakies are stunning fire opals in liquid form. The triple color shifting flakes in the crystal clear top coat adds fire to fulfill any of your iridescent heart desires. You can glide this top coat over dark gellies for an intense chameleon effect, or light gellies for a more light effect. Check out the fire flakies top coat here


Party Gel Top Coat: Our party gel top is literally the life of the party. This crystal clear gel top coat has confetti like flakes that is similar to confetti in a bottle! The party gel has chunky glitter with holo, iridescence and color shift flakes to add magic to any gellie manicure. Check out the Party Gel Top Coat here


Glass Builder Gel:  Our customers were dying to try a gel guilder that didn’t require hours of practice to master - and so we delivered. Our Glass builder gel is as tough as glass - and will protect your nails from any nicks or breaks. If you’re trying to grow your natural nails out or have more delicate nails this glass builder is an absolute must have. Our builder gel also helps manicures last even longer. Check out the glass builder here

Check out our full drop here.

We are so excited for the new fall season - and love to celebrate with new gellie designs and top coats! Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.