Can You Do Your Own Gel Nails At Home?



A common question we see on the interwebs is “Can You Do Your Own Gel Nails At Home?”


Usually, people who ask this have at one point - tried to give themselves their own DIY gel nail manicure. It looks easy enough when you go to the nail salon, yet for whatever reason you just can’t get that same ultra glossy look that lasts more than a few days at home. 

Not to mention the idea of having to buy a bunch of nail tools all upfront - might deter some people from even trying. 

However, thankfully you can finally get that same look at home without having to invest hundreds upfront - or spend hours getting good at painting your right hand. 

Semicured gel nail wraps is the perfect in-between - and here’s why. 

Semicured gel nail stickers are made with real uv gel nail polish - the only difference between cured gel nail stickers and liquid uv gel nail polish is that they are cured at 60% when you open the box. 

Because they are already cured at 60% , you’re guaranteed to get that even glossy finish - no lumps or chips. In addition to this - since the uv gel nail polish is already cured at 60% they are still stretchy which means you can get a super custom look that makes your manicure look like a professional manicure from the salon instead of stickers. 

( the sticker look is not the vibe - this is one of our customers gellies manicure - get the set here.)


Because semicured gel nail wraps use real gel - you won’t get that stickery look traditional nail polish wraps might give you. 

Using semicured gel nail stickers is super easy - similar to the process at the salon, all you need to do is prep your nails by swiping your prep pad over your natural nails, place and press the semicured gel nail sticker on your nail and then cure for 60 seconds under a uv nail lamp. 

If you’re curious about our starter kit or new to the semicured gel nail wrap world  - check out our Jelcie Semicured Gel Nail Sticker starter kit here.