Are Square Nails Out in 2022?

Trends come and go - but do trends even include nail shapes?
Here at Jelcie, we are firm believers in "you do you". 
Regardless of the trends, your manicure should be an expression of YOUR aesthetic - whatever Vogue says. 
But if you're curious what the trends say, square nails are NOT out. 
Square nails are an awesome manicure shape if you want something that is practical, elegant and chic. You can easily sport several designs and this nail shape looks good on everyone
Here are our favorite square nail manicure designs: 
🌟 Marble Nails  🌟
Marble manicures are super trendy in 2022 - but they're also hard to do yourself. With semicured gel nail stickers, you don't have to become a hobby nail tech to sport this beautiful design. If you're looking for a classic and neutral marble design - check out our Rose Souffle gellies. 
🌟 French  🌟
French manicures look good on any nail shape tbt. But if you're looking for a super easy manicure design that is practical and classic - then trying our Meringue gellies might be good for you! With semicured gel nail wraps, you don't have to mess with tapes, dips, or messy liquids to get that classic french design. 
🌟 Cat Eye  🌟 
We love a good cat eye! Our favorite thing about magnetic gel polish as top coats - is that you can seriously spice up any solid manicure in a single step. Aaaaand by using the magnet, you can get a bunch of designs with a single tool! If you want that champagne - silver ish sparkle on your next manicure be sure to check out our Champagne Magic Gel Polish
🌟Ombre Nudes 🌟
We know it's summer - but a nice nude-y ombre looks good year round. We love the variety of calming nudes and beiges that the ombre look provides. We've come up with a few different color varieties, but our most popular is our Patisserie gellies set. With plums, greys and warm browns - Patisserie gellies will inspire you to have a cozy afternoon in the cool shade with yummy treats. 
Which one of these manicure trends are your favorite? 
The Jelcie Team