How To Get Your Cured Gel Strips Looking Extra Glossy


You can easily get those super trendy nail art trends easily with Jelcie semicured gel nail polish strips - by using a combination of top coats, builder gels and stickers! Here we will quickly break down the different types of top coats you can use to get certain trendy designs. Our semi cured gel nail formulation makes customizing your manicure super easy - even for beginners! Keep in mind that all of these manicure ideas are lamp required because they all involve real gel nail polish. 



💫  Builder Gel 💫 

Our Jelcie glass builder gel is perfect for those who want a super easy application process - but want a thickness that mimics professional nail salon acrylic nails. Our builder gel also gives your manicure a glossy gel nail look. You can also use builder gel to adhere gold foil, silver glitters (or any glitters) or other premium art nail accessories. Some builder gels are difficult to use however ours comes with a nail brush as if it was any other top coat. We created our glass builder gel formula to be perfect for home manicures. 

    • Application: Be sure to use our nail files to shape your nails after curing your gellies and before using builder gel. Simply apply the builder gel after you cure your semicured nail strip for 60 seconds. Since our glass builder gel top coat has a brush it feels like applying any other top coat. After applying a coat of the builder gel, simply flip your hand upside down for 15 seconds (this will help redistribute the builder gel in an even way). Then place your nails under a nail lamp (must have a uv light) and cure for 60-90 seconds. Then, apply a clear (or whatever other top coat) and cure again for 60-90 seconds. Ta da! Now you have an ultra glossy and strong manicure.


💫  Cat Eye Magnetic Top Coats  💫 

The magnetic cat eye style is super trendy and easy to do! Here at Jelcie we have three different magnetic cat eye top coats (also known as magic top coats!). Two are already released (keep your eyes peeled for the third!). Our current selection includes a gold and a champagne magnetic top coat. 

  • Application: After curing your cured gel nail strips for 60 seconds - apply a coat of our magic top coat and then use our magic magnet to create the design that you desire. You can have a swirl design or more of the traditional cat eye design. 


💫  Effect Top Coats  💫 

The quail egg look is super popular for solid cured gel wraps - and we have our own speckle top coat to spruce up any solid semicured gel strip manicure. The speckle top coat has a variety of small specks of slightly translucent black and grey specks. We also have a winter top coat that is designed to look like fresh snow. Many of our customers use this top coat for accent nails on solids. 

  • Application: After applying and curing your semicured gel nail stickers - simply brush this top coat on and then cure for 60 seconds. You’re done! 



  💫  The Bombs - Chunky Glitter  💫 


Chunky glitter is a super fun way to add more sparkle to your real gel nail polish strip manicure. Our chunky glitter top coats - also known as glitter bombs - come in a variety of colors including red, pink, silver, and gold. One way you can use our chunky glitter top coats is to use more glitter on the tips to give you a glitter ombre french manicure design. 

  • Application: After applying and curing your gel strips- simply brush this top coat on and then cure for 60 seconds. 

If you want the ombre glitter french look then use a makeup triangle sponge and brush the top coat on one side of the sponge. Then press on the tips of your nails so that the majority of the glitter is on the tips and then slowly press the remaining glitter on the rest of the gellies.



💫 Fairy Dust Glitter💫  

We have a variety of different finer glitter top coats if you want a more subtle magical sparkle on top of your semicured gel nail polish strips. There are four Jelcie fine glitter top coats - fairy glaze (pink/purple shimmer), ice glaze (silver shimmer), hot glaze (opal shimmer) and holo glaze (holographic thicker glitter). 

  • Application: After applying your semicured nail strips and curing for 60 seconds - apply a layer of the top coat and then cure for 60 seconds. 


💫  Flakies  💫 

Jelcie flakie top coats are opal dreams - they are made with a clear top coat and different colored holographic flakes (yes these are the actual colors) in Star Flakies (emerald green/deep purple), Water Flakies (pink/gold/green shifting flakes), Fire Flakes (fire opal flakes), Sky Flakies (blue shifting flakes). These color shifting top coats are perfect for solids or even gellies with designs that need extra pizazz.

  • Application: After applying your cured gel nail strips and curing for 60 seconds - apply a layer of the top coat and then cure for 60 seconds.


If you’re curious to check out more of our top coats, find our collection here.