Are Gel Nails Hard To Do Yourself?

Are gel nails hard to do yourself?
Yes - and also no.

Actually - there’s nothing hard about giving yourself a real uv gel nail manicure at home. If you choose the traditional liquid gel nail polish route you will experience a bit of a learning curve (especially if you’re not used to doing your own nails). 



There is however a super easy way to circumvent this! Cue - Semicured Gel Nail Wraps

Recently, there has been a huge amount of innovation in the uv gel nail space and the creation of semicured gel nail wraps. 

These semicured gel nail stickers are made with real uv gel nail polish - the same that you can buy at a beauty store or that is used at any professional nail salon. 

The cured gel stickers are cured at 60% when they are shipped and delivered to you - which is why they kind of look like a sticker when you first open the box. However, unlike traditional nail polish stickers these are not flimsy or do they rip when you  try to use them. Because they’re made with real uv gel nail polish (depending on the formulation) they are stretchy and easy to apply. 

With semicured gel nail wraps, you won’t have to worry about messy liquids or ending up with lumpy gel manicure with little shine. 

If you’re new to semicured gel nails - we would recommend you look for a brand that offers a formula that is flexible, stretchy, and ultra glossy. That way not only is the application process super easy - but you won’t have to rely on a top coat to get that super glossy finish that is a professional nail salon manicure trademark. 

Applying gellies can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on your prep process (this includes shaping, filing, and cuticle care). 

So you can finally relax in the comfort of your own home - pour your favorite beverage and give yourself that manicure. 

If you’re curious about our starter kit or new to the semicured gel nail wrap world  - check out our Jelcie Semicured Gel Nail Sticker starter kit here.