Amazon Cured Gel Strips VS Jelcie


We're not going to lie, we're huge Amazon junkies. You can literally find anything on Amazon, and the Amazon must-have TikToks are addicting.

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We've been asked to write about the main differences between Amazon semicured gel nail brands and Jelcie gels. So, is there a difference? And do those differences even matter?

🥰 Main Differences 🥰

The main differences between Jelcie and most amazon semicured gel nail brands is that Jelcie’s formulation is unique - meaning we have tested each formulation to find the perfect inbetween super squishy but still cures strong. 

A lot of amazon brands are actually made from the same manufacturer - and mostly all have the same formulation. That isn’t a necessarily bad thing, especially if you like that particular formulation. However, they don’t typically iterate their formulation as often as private brands like Jelcie. 

One of our core values is to constantly test and optimize - we work super closely with our manufacturing partner to make sure that each Jelcie gellies set is made exactly how we’ve designed it. We’ve also taken a bunch of time to poll and survey our current clients to see what they love about gellies and what we could potentially do to improve. 

🥰 Similarities 🥰


Both amazon brands and Jelcie gellies are made with semi cured gel. So the product type is the same. Sometimes designs can look a bit similar - as these manufacturers take inspiration from popular designs and put their own twist. If there’s a particular design that you are unsure about then maybe trying out an amazon brand might be a good choice. Few amazon brands have the same longevity and wear time as Jelcie gellies, but if you’re looking for a more temporary option then these are perfect. 

What are your thoughts on Amazon semi cured gel nail wraps brands?